Airtag is nearby My iphone

can someone explain whether i can use the iphone and home assistant to tell that a certain airtag is near? I only want to run automations when a certain air day is nearby. Greetings Thomas

Apple Airtag? I’d like to do the same, if anyone knows how …

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I found a way to extract longitude en latitude coordinates from a AirTag. It requires to have a Mac on 24/7. For that I use MacOS on a virtual machine in virtualbox. I’m writing a script for that right now. This way we can add a airtag to home assistant!


Update from my side: I just setup a GitHub page. Still in the process of writing the script, but you can find the actual script on: GitHub - PrutsMeneer/AirTagIt: Ever wanted to save a copy of ALL the locations that you're AirTag has been? Its possible with AirTagIt! - Normally you can only see the current location of the AirTag in the 'Find My' app and no location history. AirTagIt makes is possible to automatically send locations to Google Spreadsheet and MapBox, so you can see all location history!


Hey, stumbled across your github page while looking for something similar, looking forward to the script. Thank you.

I’d love to have something that ran at the house and tracked the appearance of unexpected airtags nearby.