Airthings BLE - Failed to connect with Ugreen BT Dongle

Whenever i try to add Airthings BLE with my Ugreen BT Dongle I just get a short error message “Failed to connect”
The dongle is inserted in a usb hub away from the rpi.

Its a airthings wave gen1.

And in the logs it says:
Error connecting to and getting data from A0:E6:F8:01:00:20: A0:E6:F8:01:00:20 - A0:E6:F8:01:00:20: Failed to connect after 4 attempt(s): [org.bluez.Error.Failed] Software caused connection abort

It doesnt give me much to work from.

The USB looks like this in HA:


It is possible for me to add the integration with the RPI4 internal BT
BUT this is not usable for me because of the awful range on the internal BT. Like 1m awful range.

And before anyone mention using an esp32 and esphome. No thanks. I’m not interested in running a esp32 only to proxy this airthings device.

Tried with a baseus BA04 . Works fine.