Airtouch 5 Integration (Aus)

A new control system is about to be launched and would like to help where possible with a integration.
I will have access to one that can be used for testing.

I don’t know how different the systems are but based on the post I assume the Airtouch 4 integration doesn’t work with the Airtouch 5?

Hi, no it doesn’t work.
I had a Airtouch 4 previously connected.

Need this too, only came out so i assume it will be awhile

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I am about to get a 3 phase ducted AC system installed with Airtouch 5. I’m happy to assist with integration testing.

I am also hoping this comes into HA soon too, happy to help testing

I had a new ducted system installed and now have the AirTouch5 up and running. I too would be willing to test a new integration

We also have an AirTouch 5 system being installed soon and am keen to see an integration with HA.

@all Does anyone know if is there any active development going on for this integration?
I’m getting a new AirTouch 5 system and would like to have the integration.
I can assist with development and testing if anything is currently underway.

I haven’t been able to find any api info online - anyone with one been able to find anything / what happens when you try to use the airtouch4 integration

Looking to get an airtouch 5 myself for the zoning, but I have on/off functionality in HA currently and don’t want to make the jump until airtouch 5 is g2g.

I can probably have a crack at writing something if there is some info on the api available

@Kingy444 I do speak to the Airtouch engineer often.
I do know that they have released API’s for the Airtouch 5.

I will ask him for the API again today and message you.

The Airtouch 4 doesn’t support the Airtouch 5.
I had tried it, the 5 has a few new features also so I can see that it wouldn’t need modifying anyway.

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Was wondering if there was just a change to the auth method - and maybe the error when trying to connect to airtouch4 might allude to the issue

I would also be eager to see the API details.

Here’s hoping.

Mine is now installed too.

If anyone wants the API details for this please message me with an email address and I can send it in to you.

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Hey mate I’d love it but being new I guess i can’t direct message you yet.

Looks like (as of a few hours ago) someone has kindly updated the airtouch4pyapi code (used by the HA integration) to support airtouch 5.

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Can’t see how I would install this??

Someone would need to update the HA integration.
I think maybe only something simple like including the version option in here image

The updated airtouch4pyapi expects something like airTouch = AirTouch("", AirTouchVersion.AIRTOUCH5) rather than just the IP.

I’m no programmer but I think someone needs to update this

I have guys in the roof installing an AT5 right now - so just looking into this. Seems the AT5 operates on a completely different port

In addition to the additional parameter in the initialiser it would obviously also require the new code by cemilbrowne to be merged in with LonePurpleWolf’s AirTouch4 API code. It would be cool to see if there is some way of manually testing out the AirTouch5 branch somehow. If someone has the procedure to use cemilbrowne’s new code in HomeAssistant please post.