AirVisual making too many queries

I noticed that in my logs the AirVisual integration was getting a call limit reached because it made too many calls to their server in one day. As a test, I created a new API key and in ~10 mins it had already made 30 calls. Is it possible to edit the number of queries?

As i know, you don;t have anymore this option since the integration was added to the UI.

i also noticed the airvisual sensors were not working last evening, today morning was ok and now again not working aymore.
I was in a rush and didn’t check exactly the values of calls per day/month, so I recreated the api key, and now looks ok. But if i remember correctly, the calls for today (~14 hours) were approx 500, which will get me above their limit of 10,000 calls/month.
So i believe your findings are correct, there are too many calls, will continue to monitor in the next days.

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I noticed the same here, seems to only started happening when I went from 0.109.6 to 0.110.0

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It looks like it got resolved in the latest update

Still getting Error fetching geography data data: Error while retrieving data: call_per_day_limit_reached here, even after the latest update. I did recreate a new api key too.

Same here, I had noticed that 0.110.2 had some airvisual changes and I had created a new key right after the update but still making too many calls it seems

Yeah I spoke too soon because mine is still broken as well.

same here: Air Visual API Limit being hit daily since 0.110.0

So it’s just after 8am local time and I have used up my daily API calls within 6 hours. Will raise a new issue later if none has been created.

There is an open Issue here where the API limit is mentioned. Bachya has reopened that one after earlier closing it.

Still broken for me after updating to 0.110.3

What time zone are you in? It is 9:30 local time here and it has not failed yet - it had failed before 8am yesterday and before 0.110.3 came out. Not sure if it resets at UTC or when your account and time zone pass midnight.

I have just logged onto my account and there are currently 100 calls so far today so it does look much better for me. What does your account say ?

Update - just checked after midday and currently at 134 calls for the day so it seems fixed for me.

Just created a new key now, will keep an eye on it but it was at 512 this morning

I have the same problem… even with the last updates.

The code owner @bachya has found the issue and it should ship with 0.110.4. Mine has been working as planned today with 0.110.3.

wondering if this could be caused by the frequent polling too:

May-13-2020 09-35-30

it has always been stable, but lately the face has started to flicker. Using local imagery in the custom-card. Anyone else seeing that?

I have not seen that myself - maybe you need to login to your AV account and see if there is a higher than normal increase is API calls when you see this effect ?

The fix for this has shipped in 0.110.4.

Hello, latest installation in January 2021 and I got the API calls limit too… Jan

I have problem API calls limit ,too. How to solve this ?