Airwick Electric controlled "sprays"

Hi! This is my first post here.Sorry about my english.
I created controllable Airwick Electric air freshener for toilet…Just cut off battery power circuit with relay(sonoff 5v,sonoff SV or esp32) thats it! When power turns on,then after 12 seconds Airwick will spray.I created automation-when toilets light stays ON longer,than one minute at least and then turns off,then Airwick power circuit turns on for 30 sec.


Buenas noches.
Puedes poner algo más de info de tu proyecto.
Materiales, planos, conexiones, etc.
Un saludo.

Again,sorry about my english! There is a picture of my project.For smart relay you can use relay of your choise.For my first Airwick i used Sonoff 5V wifi relay,for a second Airwick i used Sonoff Zigbee Basic.