AJAX Alarm system integrating Home assistent

Hey !

I would like help with integrating my AJAX Alarm system into my home assistant, thanks :slight_smile:

But I don’t know what to fill in on each line.

I think these details should be filled in in the app under alarm center

Alarm Setup (Ajax Systems Hub example)
In the settings of your hub, go to the monitoring stations page.
Select “SIA Protocol”.
Enable “Connect on demand”.
Place Account Id - 3-16 ASCII hex characters. For example AAA.
Insert Home Assistant IP address. The hub must be able to reach this IP address. There is no cloud connection necessary.
Insert Home Assistant listening port. This port must not be used by anything else on the machine Home Assistant is running on, see the notes on port usage below.
Select Preferred Network. Ethernet is preferred if hub and HA in the same network. Multiple networks are not tested.
Enable Periodic Reports. The interval with which the alarm system reports to the monitoring station, default is 1 minute. This component adds 30 seconds before setting the alarm unavailable to deal with slight latencies between ajax and HA and the async nature of HA.
Encryption is preferred but optional. Password is 16, 24 or 32 ASCII characters