Akuvox door bell --> open door via Homeassistant and the ActionURLs

I have an Akuvox Door Bell (R20A) and I don’t want to use the physical relay outputs due to security reasons anymore.

I want to use the so called “ActionURL” from my door bell to open my door via HomeAssistant. But I don’t know how.

I need some sensor which works with the Akuvox ActionURLs format.

Do you have an idea?

Thank you very much.

I still waiting for this too. All I found is this thread:

The ActionURL in Akuvox is using get requests, that Home Assistant is not able to read right now.

Did you make it work?

If yes, would you like to share your solution? That would be very nice.

Thank you!

You can use a simple boton with url action

like this:


*** my hassio is in portuguese ***

I think you got the original question wrong. You suggest to do a button with an URL Action. What we need is to receive an ActionURL in GET format to trigger an automation or to open the door.

Hello everyone, I found this discussion I would like to buy an Akuvox intercom, I’m trying to understand if it is possible to send the http request to an external relay device such as esp with tasmota or directly HA. I need to open 3 locks and I would like to use an external device, I would like to understand if it is possible to create 3 opening buttons on an akuvox monitor and send http requests to open via these. Thank you

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Anyone got an idea?

Since a few days Home Assistant supports GET Webhooks:

Let´s celebrate.

If it is still relevant, I developed and just released an integration which brings Akuvox SmartPlus door camera feeds and door relay buttons into Home Assistant. I hope it can be useful: