No Entry Delay

Hi All - I like to use “No Entry Delay” when I arm my house when I’m home so that the alarm will go off immediately should someone open a door. This also gets rid of the 30 seconds of beeping that it normally does when your arm the alarm without this option. So, my question is what it would take to get this feature added? I am a programmer but am new to Home Assistant. I’m willing to help in any way that I can to get this feature added. Thank you.

I see some references for the no entry delay option here but I’m not sure where to edit the python scripts for home assistant or how to test. I am running the official image on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

BTW - I searched and didn’t see a topic about this already but please let me know if there is one that I missed.

Did you get this working?

Sorry - I never got a notification and just saw this. No, I ended up getting the SuperBus 2000 Automation Module and it allows me to arm away instant (via a SSH command) and it also presents all of my sensors to Home Assistant so that solved it for me. It would have been nice to get that functionality through due to how widely used it is but not sure where that stands.