- What Can the Panel Do in Home Assistant?

I now have an alarm system that integrates with It’s successfully connected to Home Assistant, but all I see is the disarm/arm icon at the top of my Overview page. I’ve searched a bit to get an idea of what’s possible with the component, but I can’t seem to find any other visuals or overviews of what it can do.

So far, I’ve only been able to get it to show status, alarm, and disarm. Does the connection allow it to do anything else?

e.g. Could I control my MyQ garage door to Home Assistant through Or do I need to leave that component directly connected to Home Assistant?

Just trying to understand what information and controls flow from to Home Assistant as it seems like far more info should be available in HA.

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Bump… I’m also dying to know how to get better control over through HA.

I gave up on any hope of working better than the standard control panel. So I just use for arm/disarm and then have sensors/control outside of that system.

As an alternative, you could find a system connection to report the sensor data into HA. I have a Concord 4 system, so I found a RS232 adapter that I could add (and then convert to USB), but I decided it was easier to just put additional sensors out that connects directly to HA.

It sure looks like additional details should be possible, if you log into the web interface and navigate to:

You can see the state of all of your sensors. This should be possible to poll and develop some level of automation around.