Alarm configuration ideas for constant security issues

Currently I have a camera mounted above my garage door that does human detection (Unifi cam) and will turn on my garage door lights when someone is detected near the car at night.

However almost every night some random homeless person tries to open my car door. The light above the garage door turns on and they usually walk away, but sometimes it’s almost like they are not scared enough and try other doors on the car.

So I’m looking for ideas. How could I "scare* these guys more? I was thinking of mounting an audio speaker that would have to be perminatly plugged in and have it say a message like… “Hey, what do you think your doing?!” Etc.

Any other ideas?

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Well what u can do is put a google speaker in your garage and let it turn on when that homeless try to get in your car, let it play a alarm sound or (random voice) notification that changes all the times it trigger.

Just use words like (person detected, you have 10 seconds to leave this property before i will call the authorities) if it detects that person again let google say this ( i will call the authorities now) following with an alarm sound and some lights turning on, i would prefer some strobe alarm light.

This will help ^^

Need the Burglar Protected Alarm.
(314) For Your Eyes Only (1981) Burglar Safe Car scene, HD - YouTube

Ahhh yes, considering the car is 10 years old it might be an option lol :wink:

Ahh brilliant … yes, can (and will) do this … i have a light inside the garage door that turns on when you open the door going into it. So i could probably turn that on, and then play the message.

I was also thinking I could replace my dumb bulbs in the light over the garage so some RGB ones and have them strobe red like you mentioned…

Maybe i’ll put a 3 second delay to start the sprinkler system so they get wet if they start running on the lawn.

Thanks for the ideas!

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The sprinkler idea is awesome, did not think about that one.
Just be sure they actually are on your property haha.

No worries i’m glad i could help you getting in the right direction.


Use the movie clip that Kevin used in the movie Home Alone. I was this many years old when I found out that clip wasn’t from a real movie.

haha that thought went through my head when i read the suggestion too :slight_smile:

Well when u have a video where the sprinklers go on and they run away let me know.

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