Alarm control panel allows arming with binary sensors on

Howdy…I have the alarm_control_panel setup and working with Konnected. It works fine but it will allow arming when doors or windows are open. What do I need to add to automations.yaml (or elsewhere) that will prevent arming when sensors are on?

I’m on Home Assistant 0.113.1 and HassOS 4.11.


What I have is a “Ready to Arm” sensor. It’s a Template Sensor whose state is based on the state of all door and window sensors (i.e. it’s on when all other security sensors are off).

In the UI, I use a conditional card to control the display of the alarm_panel card. The conditional card is governed by the state of the “Ready To Arm” sensor. If it’s not ready to arm, the alarm_panel card is hidden. If it is ready to arm, the alarm_panel card is displayed. It’s a simple way to prevent a user from attempting to arm the system when it’s not actually ready to be armed.

Let me know if this approach interests you and if you need assistance to implement it.

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Maybe you can use this logic…

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hey in know this is old but I was looking for a set up like this.

OK, which part of it do you need help implementing? The Template Sensor or the Conditional Card?

The general idea is to create a Template Sensor, or Template Binary Sensor, that indicates when your security system is ready to be armed. You probably have several contact and motions detectors that must all be in a secured state (doors/windows closed, no motion detected) before it’s appropriate to arm the system. That’s what the Template Sensor should be monitoring.

The Condition Card uses the Template Sensor to determine if it should, or should not, display the Alarm Panel Card. In other words, if the Template Sensor determines the security system is not ready to arm, then the Alarm Panel Card should not be displayed (i.e. no one should be allowed to arm the system if it’s not ready to arm).

ok so Im new to all this as you can tell by my account. but I have set up an alarm panel and have it working but the idea to be able to all that was cool.

i found this

and tried to set it up but was not able to and it has the same idea.

but a brake down of what it looks like that would be awesome.

That’s a custom card (i.e. not one of the standard cards), I have no experience with it, so I can’t help you configure it.

I suggest you post your question(s) in a new topic (as opposed to continue using this old one) so that it gets more visibility (and attention).

What are some of the entities you have that represent your security system? I imagine you have door, window, motions sensors?

Hey @123 Taras

Would you mind sharing your template sensor and conditional card config. I think what you have created may help me build my dashboard. Please and thank you.

I use a different means now so I don’t have a Template Sensor to share with you.

Easiest way is to create a group containing all the binary_sensors representing your doors and windows. When all of them are off (closed), the group will also be off (indicating everything is closed and the system is ready to be armed).

The Conditional Card is straightforward. In the following example it uses the group’s state to control the visibility of an Entities Card. When the group is off, the alarm_control_panel is displayed (otherwise it is hidden).

  - card:
        - alarm_control_panel.security_system
      show_header_toggle: false
      type: entities
      - entity:
        state: 'off'
    type: conditional