Alarm control panel card - Translation of the status badges


I have configured a card for the alarm panel but I can’t find the way to modify the labels I have placed under the icon badge (“arming”, “night”, etc…) in my screenshot.

I’d like to customize these labels in French in my case (“Activation en cours”, “Mode nuit”, etc…). My profile is well configured in French on HassOS, but I can’t find where to define these values.

Sorry for my English and thanks for your help! :wink:

I’m sorry, I can’t help with this specific question, but I’m interested in how you changed the text of the buttons themselves (e.g. “disarm”, “arm home”, “arm away” etc.). I’ve been looking to do this for some time as the text doesn’t align very well with the alarm configuration, so it’s a bit non-intuitive.

@daern, no problem, to change the text of the action buttons you can use the labels. Here is my configuration if it helps you:

type: 'custom:alarm_control_panel-card'
entity: alarm_control_panel.alarme_maison
title: ' '
scale: ' '
  - arm_home
  - arm_night
  - arm_away
  ui.card.alarm_control_panel.arm_away: Bypass
  ui.card.alarm_control_panel.arm_home: Armer
  ui.card.alarm_control_panel.arm_night: Mode nuit
  ui.card.alarm_control_panel.clear_code: Suppr.
  ui.card.alarm_control_panel.disarm: Désarmer
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Hello !

After a few months, I have some hope, has anyone found a trick to translate these titles? :exploding_head:

With this you can change the text labels.