Hello. Please help.
I use windows, python 3.8.5, c ++  installed via Visual Studio 2019. 
Homeasssitant 0.114.4
I  add  alarm card. The settings in the configuration are:

  - platform: manual
    name: Home Alarm
    code: '1219'
    arming_time: 20
    delay_time: 30
    trigger_time: 120
      trigger_time: 0
      arming_time: 0
      delay_time: 0

Automation set. The alarm is working properly.
!! after installing more things in the pc - Ispy agent (for cameras), NextPVR streaming service.
 alarm works bad !!
When using arm_away it starts arming (arming_time: 20) But the alarm is still arming it is 
never armed. If I delete arming_time: 20 then the alarm is immediately armed. delay_time: 30
 the same.  The time countdown starts but if the password is not entered in time, the alarm
 is not triggered. If I delete delay_time: 30, everything is fine and an alarm is triggered
Is there a solution to this error?
in version 0.112.5 everything worked fine