Alarm Control Panel with MQTT - Status 'Disarmed' in Grey not Green

I am setting up the Alarm Panel Control card using MQTT as the Alarm connection method. Everything seems to be working except for one thing. I noticed all of the Alarm Panel images I have seen have a green ‘Disarmed’ status display but mine has a grey ‘Disarmed’ status.


My question is, is there a specific topic that determines the color of the Status indicator? All the others like ‘Pending’ / ‘Arm Home’ etc. are shown with various colors. Only this one is grey instead of green.

This is my config:

    - name: My Test Alarm
      unique_id: "test_alarm"
        - arm_home
        - arm_away
        - arm_night
        - arm_vacation
      state_topic: "test_alarm/alarm" <- Values are disarmed/arm_away/arm_home etc.
      command_topic: "test_alarm/alarm/set"
      availability_topic: "test_alarm/alarm/online" <- Values are integers 0 or 1
      payload_available: "1"
      payload_not_available: "0"
      code: "1234"

Am I missing something?