Alarm Keypad/Controller for Home Assistant


Do you know any physical alarm controllers that work with Home Assistant, MQTT or Z-Wave?

I just found Zipato Keypad with just few numbers and some virtual ones based on Android apps.

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I see a big hole on the market for this. I love HA but I really don’t want to control my house with screens all over. An elegant solution with RFID, NFC or keypad would be very interesting.

I am working on a DIY project with a Keypad. It’s an ordinary 12V keypad with RFID badges, which is hooked up to a ESP8266 that acts as the brain for this project. This ESP is connected to HA trough ESP home.

When i type in the code or hold the badge in front of it, it sends a 12v signal which then gets pulled high on the ESP. On the back-end of HA a script runs which then deactivates my alarm.

It’s pretty simple and only uses high and low signals which triggers some scripts. The keypad is not that large and i can nicely hang it in the hallway near the entrance. I can derive 220V from there which can eventually power the complete set-up I’m now at the end of the project, meaning its in need of the WAF. But waiting on some parts from china :frowning:

This is the keypad which i’m using


Also very much looking into this. I really like the Abode Keypad 2, looks really nice and is battery powered. However I don’t want to buy the full Abode system just for the keypad anyone who knows any other alternatives?

I have a Centralite 3400 keypad. I’ve managed to get it to pair with zigbee2mqtt but haven’t got much further unfortunately.

Zipato was the first one I found as well. Limited info out there but there’s a YouTube review.

This is mostly what I’m looking for:

I’m contacting the manufacturer and looking to see if it’s available in Europe, but I’m not sure how much to trust security controls by a company that cannot keep their SSL certificate up-to-date…

interesting that there is a Yale keypad with the exact same model name as another Climax keypad.

Looks like the Yale keypads are an option.

Is there somewhere I can follow your project? I’m interested in how you are doing this. Looks like a pretty cheap way to get what I need.

Also what do you mean with WAF? I thought that was a firewall, but that does not really seems to be in need for this? :slight_smile:

I just recently started doing the project again as I was to lazy and my complete HA needed a reboot and fresh install on a SSD.

I now have everything hooked up, my alarm buzzer works, my code works. But made some mistakes so I blew op my ESP chip throughout the process. But don’t have them laying around anymore, so it’s on a little hold.

When I got them in I’ll make a post about how to hook everything up and what codes I’m using.

For now you can see some pictures attached/below

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How do you set the code on those devices?

That’s explained in the manual of the keypad. You can set it to whatever you want. I just have it the same as my alarm in HA

I am looking into using your setup. How did you convert the 12V signal from the keypad to 3,3V for the esp?

I’m using a buck converter 3V. Just Google it and you will find it

did you ever finish this project? I can use your help. Thanks in advance

I sort of finished it, after the implantation of the NFC tags I found this keypad obsolete. But I kept using the buzzers.

do you mind sharing the code and the wiring diagram please? much appreciated

I’ve looked for the codes but I don’t have it anymore to be honest. My old backup does not contain this information anymore. Sorry, but can’t help you.