Alarm Manual and the trigger disarm

I have the alarm of the Tecnoalarm, the only way I found it to interface with Home Assistant was to add a Sonoff “Tasmota” 4ch pro by setting the relays as “inching mode” pulses.
When I activate alarm night / away / home the relays are activated for one second and activate the corresponding alarms on the Tecnoalarm control unit, and everything works perfectly.
The problem arises when I have to deactivate the alarm, to do so I have to activate again the specific relay corresponding to the activated home / away / night mode, how can I get the trigger “disarm” to activate exactly the specific relay?

Ciao, are you Italian? I have TP8-28 GSM with net2prog for working with tecnoalarm APP. Are you able to integrate tecnoalarm into home assistant?

ciao, I’m Italian, the only way (at the moment) i’ve found it’s to integrate it to HA, its a Sonoff 4ch pro8 flashed with Tasmota, ataching it to some free exits of the alarm, programmed to activate for example ALLARME NOTTE or ALLARME FUORI CASA , then using MQTT , linking the sonoff relais ( setted in inching mode ) to the Lovelace alarm panel… i’ts quite laborious but i could tell you better in Italian in a private message

is it possible to have some details?
i’m italian too and i have a TP4-20 GSM to add in home-assistant then home kit :slight_smile:

Could someone send me a private message?

Ciao, I just read this topic, I’m trying to make my Tecnoalarm smart as well, I have a TP42 and as you surely know the Tecnoalarm app is just trash, did you have any good news integrating it? I read you used a sonoff and connected directly to the alarm, how did you manage to integrate it and activate/deactivate programs? Thank you in advance!