Alarm Panel - armed_custom_bypass - Logic Inspiration/Guidance

Looking for someone to help me with some inspiration/nudge in the right direction for the Armed_Custom_Bypass use case for the Alarm Panel.

Using Konnected as my alarm board.

Anyway, a use case I have in mind is when things go wonky; and by wonky I mean a sensor used for home alarm that triggers a false positive (imagine: loose, faulty, etc) and constantly false triggers the home alarm.

I was considering on using helper binary toggle buttons to additionally identify all my “alarm zones” , and if switched “on” excludes them from the alarm automation trigger.

Not very adept at coding and logic but I’m trying to think of a way to be able to conclude all the different permutations of “zone exclusion”

e.g. I have 12 zones. which means a possible of 12! = 479001600 scenarios from “all zones excluded”, “n-1 zones excluded/included”, “all zones included”

End state would be to have a card listing the helper toggle buttons mapped to zones, where “turned on = included in trigger”; “turned off = excluded in trigger” relevant to the alarm condition “armed_custom_bypass”

Hope that was somewhat a coherent ramble.

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Hi there. I also require this. Have you ever found a solution? It is a critical component of any alarm system?

Maybe see Manual Alarm armed_custom_bypass mode example?