Alarm Panel not working

Hi guys,

I tried to creat a alarm panel but it is not appearing correct. In none of my configuration trys it shows a Keypad. I tried with or without blink.


Thank you for tips!

Which alarm integration are you using?

Did you define a code to disarm the alarm?

Hi Tom,

attached the Code for the Alarm Panel. Tried it with Blink-Camera.

There is alway one button. It doesn’t matter which states I activate in the UI or not. I tried different tutorials the all got a PIN-Field and/or more buttons. Seems like the Panel is broken or sm.

Thank you for replying!

That’s a Lovelace card. You need to define the alarm in your config.yaml file first. Restart, then try adding a lovelace alarm panel card. YOu should only have to select the alarm entity.

Cool! Got that to work manual. But how to control my Blink-System because that is has his own entity.

Hang on. You just set up another alarm system instead of editing your existing one?

That’s not what I meant for you to do.

I have no idea what a “Bink-System” is.

Is it this integration?

It seems to only be able to be set up with config flow (using the GUI) so if that setup process does not support using a PIN to arm/disarm you need to request the feature be added.

Hi Tom,

my bad. Yes i mean this “blink” integration. I got the manual alarm panel working. But the blink integration has his own alarm-panel entity. When I try to use this entity then the panel and the different states are missing. In the documentation it is described that you can use it to arm/disarm. But did not get that working.

I got it working with an automation triggered by the manual panel. That would be a alternative for me.

So you got no other idea what can be wrong? Anyway. Thanks a lot for your input! :slight_smile:


I’m a bit lost- what exactly is the problem? You cannot disarm or arm from the panel in the GUI?

Hi Kevin,

i did the following steps:

  1. Installed Blink Integration
  2. Got all the entities for my Blink Mini
  3. Tried to setup a Alarm-Panel-Card with the entitiy described in the documentation

Now the problem is following:

I only have a Alarm-Panel without PIN-Field and only a deactivate button. No other states will appear. It does nothing when i click the deactivate button.

So my question is:

Do i have to configure the Alarm-Entitie seperate in the config.yaml or is there a other mistake.

Sorry for bad spelling! German guy :smiley:

Thanks for your time!

There will only be a “disarm” and “arm” state, no pin field so that sounds right. What type of camera do you have? The arm/disarm functionality doesn’t work with Blink mini cameras. If you have a camera OTHER than the Blink Mini, you can check if it’s working by arming/disarming with the GUI and then checking your app to see if it worked (it isn’t instant, it may take some time)