Alarm sound on the Eve Water Guard

  • I want to buy the Eve Water Guard.
  • Can i turn off the alarm sound on the Eve Water Guard?
  • Is there a switch on the settings page for that?

Is there an integration for the Eve Water Guard?

You can add it as homekit device, but i want to know if there is a button to turn off the alarm sound.

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You can mute Eve Water Guard using the Eve app – even if you’re away from home, provided you have a home hub. Muting an alarm using the Apple Home app is not possible. The alarm can also be stopped by unplugging the sensing cable.

Presumably it’s not possible from HA either

I don’t need the information from the site, because i don’t have an iphone.

Do you have the eve water guard?
And if you have it, did you installed it via de homekit device integration of home assistant?