Alarm System / 1 door Access Control for small shop

Hi guys

A small shop I help out at currently has a bosch alarm system, but its got some annoyances that dont really work for a shop, such as not being able to keep the front door open or unlocked during business hours, and every time a fob is swiped, it toggles between armed or disarmed, makes getting inside very difficult if you are not the first person…

I am wondering if anybody has some recommendation for a simple alarm system with some PIR sensor, contact sensor (door etc) and a single door access control ?

I am considering a ‘diy’ with Alarmo and HA but I would strongly prefer an off the shelf product that is designed for purpose, I would love to be able to control via HA though!

The CCTV system is a duahua system, which already integrates to HA.

Edit: Alternatively, two seperate systems would be acceptable, one for the door and one for the alarm.
They don’t mind the idea of entering a PIN to arm / disarm!
i have previously used this project at a makerspace and it works fine for its purpose