Alarm system integration - Texecom or others?

Hi there,

I know this topic came around many times but I’m kinda lost reading all of the posts with the +VEs and -VEs. Our house came with a Texecom Elite 64W alarm system, fitted by Innova8 Security in UK (not very happy with 'em but that’s what I got atm) with no Network/SmartCom module. Now I have options to completely replace it by something else or call the company to fit the SmartCom Networking module, so that can be integrated with HA and cane be accessed via mobile app. Any suggestion from anyone which way to go?

I had RISCO Agility 3 based system in our previous house and used to work okay with HA and mobile app but don;t have any idea if that’s any better or worse compare to others. Is Texecom any harder than other system to integrate. I also read somewhere that if associated with HA, the mobile app stops working - I need both to be working for my purpose. If anyone can give me some guidance or ask if any specific information to provide to make the decision, would be highly appreciated.


Any one with any relevant experience or suggestion(s) pls?