Alarm system with smoke detector

Hello, as Gigaset is unfortunately discontinuing its services at very short notice, I am looking for a suitable replacement that I can integrate into my HA.

I need smoke detectors, motion detectors, door and window sensors and water detectors. Ideally a siren as well.

I was considering Aqara for the alarm system components and Merros for the smoke detectors.

Does anyone have experience with this, especially with HA integration? Or are there any other affordable suggestions?

Thank you very much

For my alarm system, I have a combination of zigbee/zwave devices. For sensors, I have a mixture of Aqara, Hue, Moes, and a lot of Reolink cameras mounted both internally and externally.

For smoke detectors, I use the First Alert ZWave smoke detectors.

For the “controller”, I use Alarmo.

I don’t have any sirens though (aside from those outside on my cameras).

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I use normal (non-smart) wired smoke detectors, and I use a z-wave smoke alarm listener. That way I can buy the best smoke detectors out there, and when I replace them in 10 years I don’t have to worry about how to integrate them into my smart home again.

There is also this option from Zooz which, instead of listening for the audio siren, just connects directly to the wired signal.


Huh… never knew these options existed! I still have a couple of non-smart, battery operated smoke/co2 detectors around… might go with the listener instead of the full smart detector.

I use 100% Z-wave protocol, also with HA + Alarmo as the hub/controller. Since several commercial alarm systems use Z-wave (Ring, it has good support and reliability so I can mix and match sensors. I get Ring keypads and sensors (door/window) discounted Amazon refurbs, and I get Zooz sensors (motion/water) when they go on sale at (sale ends today!). My hub is HA with the Alarmo 3rd-party integration which makes it easy to configure as a security controller. I do not use the Ring hub.

I added the Zooz relay to my (wired/interconnected) smoke detectors to know if they alarm while I’m away from home. Since these are life-critical safety devices, be sure to review local requirements before replacing and ensure they function even if/when the hub/internet is offline. I also use the Ecolink Firefighter to detect my building’s built-in fire alarm. I just have automations to send my phone notifications when these trigger.

I use the Zooz MultiSiren but it has since been discontinued; I think Aeotec still makes a Z-wave siren.