Alarm system with zigbee on HA?

Hi there,

New to home automation, but have done some reading up on theory and zigbee.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a somewhat reliable home alarm system with HA and zigbee devices?

I know that all kind of sensors are available - motion, door, window, cameras, etc - so the hardware is in place.

But is it for instance possible to be alarmed if the system signal is wirelessly jammed? Or if connection to a sensor if lost? Or do you see other points of failure?

Is it possible

Would that be easy to setup on HA or would it require lots of custom coding?

Has any of you made something similar? Inspiration to the setup, hardware and thoughts are very welcome.

Disclaimer: a true reliable alarm system would probably require wired connections and battery backup in case of power shortage. I know this, and thus I also know that a zigbee system with sensors running on battery is not totally reliable solution. But it might be a good solution for a diy system that would not be too expensive, although for some it would create a false sense of security. This is to be considered if one is aiming for such a system.

Nobody got something to say about this? :smiley:

I’m interested to, i have all zigbee sensors on doors and windows and several motion sensors. And looking for a way to make a alarm system to.

Hi Neil
Nice to hear I’m not the only one interested in this topic.

Hopefully somebody else has some thoughts to share on for example the potential problem of jamming or if it is possible to set up a notification if connection to a sensor is lost.

Anyone? :grinning:

Have you checked Integration page from home assistant?
I am always looking at integration page for what I am interested and after that I use the search function of the forum.