Alarm Trigger for Vista 20P with Envisalink Not Working

I’m using an Envisalink 4 with a Honeywell Vista 20P alarm system and an Ademco 6160 alarm panel. The Envisalink works great and allows me to control almost all aspects of my alarm from Home Assistant.

I was setting up the rest of my alarm system to “trigger” the alarm with other automations and noticed that the “alarm_trigger” service, with or without a code, doesn’t seem to do anything. I cannot get my alarm to manually trigger at all in Home Assistant. I’ve seen some posts about this working with DSC alarm systems but wanted to see if anyone has gotten this working with Honeywell Vista 20P

I am struggling with the same issue. Have asked for help both in the forum and on Discord with no response. Disappointed since switched to Home Assistant for this specific feature. Any solution found yet?

No solution found, I may try forwarding all events from Envisalink to an MQTT Alarm Panel and at least I’d be able to trigger alarm_triggered automations, but wouldn’t be able to activate the siren. I’m looking into possibly just getting a zwave siren in that case.

My solution, not sure if it’s the best solution but it’s mine…at least for now. Seems like it will add much more flexibility and room for growth.

Curious if any progress has been made. I have a Vista 20P and an Envisalink 4 that I would like to trigger via Aqara vibration sensors.

No solution that worked for me. I’m planning to move anyway and will just be doing a diy alarm system with zwave and ZigBee sensors/sirens directly.

Thanks. Bummer, but I understand. I’m curious as to which products you’re thinking of getting.

I have 3 G2H cameras acting as hubs for the vibration sensors. I guess I could an M2 hub to tie it all together… Then start buying Eve Thread enabled gear; door sensors and plugs for sirens.

I hate the idea of not using all the wired contacts.

I’m thinking of getting an Envisalink and was wondering if you guys figured out the alarm trigger situation? On the integration page, it states that the service was added in version 0.29? Did you both make sure that the configuration.yaml had all the info indicated?