Alarm Widget

Hey Guys im in the process of building my HA dashboard, Ive got the alarm widget loaded which is using my envisalink as the entity. however on the bottom is this large trigger button that is so easy to press that i accidentally hit it sometimes and my alarm company calls me only for me. Is there a way to hide that button or disable the trigger alarm only button functionality?

Thanks in advance

I am interested in disabling the trigger button as well. Did anyone find a solution to this?

whats the use from a widget where you can disable or enable your alarm, when you cant?
if you dont want the alarm widget available, then dont put it on the dashboard.
if you only want to see the state from the alarm, and not change it, then use the sensor widget to show the state from the alarm. (or the icon widget)

Maybe mine is working incorrectly, but the trigger button allows one to disarm the system without the code. So, if I click on the widget and the number pad comes up, if you just push the “trigger” button, it disarms the system. no code needed. Maybe there is something else that is causing it to act this way?

that can only be something in homeassistant what is wrong.
your alarm entity shouldnt allow that if you dont want it to happen.

I am also interested on disabling the TRIGGER button on this widget. I use Envisalink to connect my alarm panel (Honeywell) to Home Assistant, and the alarm is also being monitored by a 24x7 central station. The issue with the TRIGGER button is that it triggers a PANIC signal, once the monitoring company gets this report, they will send the police without calling as it is considered a duress signal.

The TRIGGER button in the alarm widget is the largest of all the buttons, so it is easily pressed by mistake. If there is a way to either disable or change its action mapping to something other than activating the duress zone (panic zone - which makes the sirens go off); I will certainly appreciate some guidance on how to do it.