Alarm with weighted factors (currently only in Idear stage)

Only on the idear stage !!!

I have reading some reports and statistics about crime, especially breakin in private houses.
I found some factors that can be used for detecting “RISK LEVEL” - These are:

Time interval: 10:00-17:00
Factor: 1,3
Time interval: 17:00-20:00
Factor: 1,7

Week-day Friday:
Factor: 1,3

Week-day saturday:
Factor: 1,45

Week-number: 7,8,12,27,28,29,42,46,47,48, 49, 51
Factor: 1,2

Sun below horizon
Factor: 1,2

Doorbell activated
Factor: 2,0

Outdoor PIR
Factor: (Number of Activated outdoor PIRs) * 1,5

The risk factor can be monitored, and if it gets above a certain level a automation can be triggered (notiofication, sirene, lights etc)

I really need some help and ideers on how to implement this :wink:

Sounds like the perfect job for a Bayesian sensor.

Create template sensors for your factors that don’t already have an entity (e.g. the doorbell and outdoor PIR most likely already exist as entities) and weight them in the Bayesian sensor.

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Sounds interesting… A concept (and sensor) that I did not even know about…
Will try it, and return with my results and config :wink:
Thanks Tom

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