AlarmDecoder integration: make zone adding easier

Since making AlarmDecoder an integration, now the zones set up in configuration.yaml don’t work, and zones have to be set up with a config flow. This means they have to be added one at a time, which is very tedious, especially if you have many zones. Could we make adding zones more streamlined? Could they be imported from configuration.yaml? Could they be added in another yaml file? Could they be imported from alarmdecoder directly? Thanks.

Yes please! it’s a very awkward interface.

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I migrated from home assistant non-supervised on ubuntu to home assistant os on generic x86-64. I copied over my config. Previously I had alarmdecoder reading from a socket via a socat serial to ncat inferface service. Now I’ll need to connect direct to the serial port. There doesn’t seem to be a control flow to re-enter the connection method (socket vs serial).

Hi, For those of you looking for a workaround solution to add in a lot of zones without doing it via the UI, there is a way to edit the core.config_entries file in the .storage directory. Not for the faint of heart and I’d highly recommend backing up files before editing anything as messing up this file could render your set up inoperable…

In the file, find “zone_options”: and you can add in the zone names, types, etc. there. For example below - make sure you have all of the parentheses in order and double check this before saving.

Once you have saved the file, you will need to restart Home Assistant to load the file. After that you will see the correct devices, sensors. Hope this helps!

          "zone_options": {
            "1": {
              "zone_name": "Front Door",
              "zone_type": "door"
            "2": {
              "zone_type": "sound",
              "zone_name": "Kitchen Glass Break"
            "3": {
              "zone_name": "Dining Room Glass Break",
              "zone_type": "sound"

with editing the config_entries file, is there a way to add information to put the zone in to a specific area as well?