ALARMO false triggering with SWITCHBOT contact sensor

I am using the Alarmo integration in HA. I have a Switchbot contact sensor linked to a Switchbot hub 2 (both hub and contact sensor (100% battery) are brand new) . I added the contact sensor as a secondary Matter device on the hub which enables me to add the contact sensor straight to HA using Matter. I only have the single Switchbot contact sensor added as a sensor in Alarmo. The sensor works just fine when opening and closing the door and triggers the alarm as usual.

But sometimes it just randomly triggers the Alarm. It randomly changes the status to open for a few seconds (about ones every 2days ). I have sensor at a reasonable distance to the magnet and pushing and adjusting or wind does not trigger it. Weather is also not a factor (for expansion or contraction of door or frame) here because the hallway outside my door is airconditioned and closed all the time. I also tried removing and adjusting the sensor.

The Logs on HA show me that the Alarm was triggered due to that exact sensor. I can 100% confirm that the door was not actually being opened when it triggers the alarm (Very annoying as sometimes it happens in the middle of the night). The very strange thing about this is that on the Switchbot app itself, there is no sign of the contact sensor changing to open status. The Open state only appears on the app when i actually open the door and not when HA’s false trigger happens. My guess is that maybe there is a problem in the matter connection between the Switchbot hub and HA and that is why HA is acting weird and giving random triggers.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You