Alarmo for my BMW

Greetings everyone,

I use the BMW Connected Drive integration to monitor the status of my car. Recently I came up with the idea of using Alarmo in combination with the door, window sensors and the lock status available in the BMW integration. My main use case is to receive silent notifications in my mobile phone whenever Alarmo is armed and any of the mentioned sensors change state.

The configuration was pretty straightforward and it works as expected. The only downside is the fact that there is a big delay on detecting a change in the status of the sesnsors. For example, whenever Alarmo is armed, I unlock my car and until I the car locks automatically when I start driving, HA does not detect the unlock state and it does not raise any alarm. The same happens whenever I open and close the lids of the car.

I found in the BMW Connected Drive code a section in the file “” where is sets the following scan rates:

    "china": 300,
    "north_america": 600,
    "rest_of_world": 300,

Does anyone know what these hardcoded values refer to? Should I request a feature to change the scan intervals from the UI in case these are relevant with the scan rate of the BMW sensors?

Seconds (I guess).

No - remember that you are generating traffic to servers you do not own, and there’s a reason behind not polling too often.