Alarmo, how to check all doors/windows are closed before arming

I am setting up Alarmo. I want to be sure that all doors and windows are closed before I arm the system. My assumption was that it would be impossible to arm if one of the sensors was activated but that is not the case: the system can be armed if one of the doors or windows is open. I tried the sensor setting " Use exit delay" in " off" position but that did not change anything (which I do not understand, because I had expected that that would block arming when that sensor is activated).

EDIT: Reading in other posts I understand now that it should not be possible to arm the system with one or more activated sensors. So there is an issue in my setup. I use the Alarmo keypad in HA, but first I used the original alarm panel. Could that be a source of errors?
Who can help?

You have a sitting to allow the armement when a sensor is activated.

Hi Idaho, thnx for replying.

I found an advanced setting for door sensors (" Allow open initially") but that is fixed in the false state for one or other reason. Further no settings could be found that allow the armament when a sensor is activated.
What setting do you mean and where can I find it?

Thanks again, Jan

EDIT: I found another setting, in the Alarmo panel you have an option to bypass open sensors. But that option was never selected

This question is still open.

To summarize: I can arm the Alarmo system while alle sensors are activated. And that should not be possible. I found two settings which enable arming wjile sensors are open, but THESE SETTINGS ARE NOT SELECTED.

What can be wrong?

Sorry my ha is in french but do you have this option checked :

I have checked these settings for the PIR close to the front door:

For the front door these are the (a bit different) settings:

For all other sensors none of these settings are selected, e.g. a different PIR:

So in anyway all other sensors should block the arming when activated, e.g. by an open door or window. But that is not the case.
So what is the cause of this?

I further explored this issue using the Developer Tools/States. There I can see how the Alarmo state (alarm_control_panel_alarmo) is triggered or not by certain sensors. What I see is that sensors that are activated (“open”) before arming are seen as bypassed_sensors. That is true for all sensors in my system, while only two are set up as sensors to be bypassed during arming. So there is an issue in the logic of my setup.
If I do not get a solution for this I will close this topic and setup a new topic with a better, more specific title aimed at the issue I just found: bypassing open sensors during arming while not selected.

I close this topic because the title does not cover the subject very well since I understand the problem a bit better. Instead, I opended a new topic ‘Alarmo does not block arming while sensors are open’, see link