Alarmo does not block arming while sensors are open

I am setting up Alarmo with 5 door sensors and 2 motion sensors. I have tested it in Armed Away and Armed Home modes band find that Alarmo will always get armed if one or more of the sensors are open (“activated”). That is obviously not what I want neither what the documentation tells me.
When I look in Developer Tools/States I can watch the attributes of alarm_control_panel_alarmo (friendly name: Alarmo).
Testing arming for Armed Away, I first see this:

When I activate door sensor ‘door sensor 01’ I first see no change. The attribute open_sensors has still the value ‘null’ (which is not what I expect). Then, while the door sensor is still activated, I use the Alarmo control panel to arm the system in Armed Away mode. After arming, during the 30 s delay time I get this:

The only change I see is the arm_mode: armed_away.

Then, after the 30 s delay I get this:

So, now it tells that door_sensor_02 was bypassed!

What can be the reason for this behaviour? I did not select any option for bypassing, see this:

In the alarm_panel, while arming, one can select the option ‘bypass open sensors’, but I did not select that option.

So the question remains: why does Alarmo not block arming while (one or more) sensors are open?

Check your users (in the CODES section). The last switch in this list (“Is override code”) should be off:

if it is on then entering the code will force arming even if some sensors are activated.

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This is the solution!!
Thank you so much! It works now well.

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