Alarmo - Sensors triggering all armed modes

Hoping someone might be able to provide some advice with Alarmo.

I am testing alarmo with a single door sensor and single motion sensor. I have added these two sensors to the arm away mode ONLY. I have also set notifications and actions (turn a light on) to fire when triggered in the arm away mode only as well. This has been working well. No faults.

However, when I set other arm modes such as arm home and arm custom bypass, the alarm state is moving to triggered when these sensors are activated as well. The actions aren’t firing which is good.

Is there something I have glanced over? At the moment my two sensors will trigger the alarm in all of the 4 armed modes. Not the armed away only that I have specified.

What are the types you’ve configured for these sensors? I recently hit a similar issue and it was because all my sensors were set to “Environmental” which means they trigger the alarm in all modes (even disarmed). You most likely need to set them to Door, Window, or Motion:


Yep have just checked that now. The contact sensor is set as door and motion sensor is set as motion. Niether set as environmental. I don’t understand. What is the point of setting a sensor to a particular mode if it will trigger on all modes anyway?

I’ve tried all options at this point I think with no success. Removing the device type on the sensors all together still triggers on all armed modes. The sensors trigger all armed modes even after I have disabled them.

Solved with a simple uninstall/re-install.

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