Alarmo Styling - Increase Button Sizes

Still new at building dashboards with HA and could use some help. I’m using the Alarmo card for my security alarm and trying to increase the button sizes to make them easier for pressing on a tablet wall panel device. I’ve been experimenting with the card-mod integration trying to add a style to the card but cannot seem to get the correct syntax to change these buttons.

Has anyone done this with the Alarmo card or could provide some guidance? I’ve looked at a really good thread on here using the base alarm card but wasn’t able to apply any of those examples with success.


I agree. The small buttons are not usable. I have not found a workable solution. My users can’t disarm using my panel.

@neliss Could you help with some styling tips for the arm and number buttons? Sizing them larger seems to be the primary need but I’m sure others may want to change font, font size, colors, etc.


The ability for resizing buttons through the card config is already prepared for the upcoming update:

As for styling, I think the question is not specific to this card.
The card follows the layout of your theme.
Users typically use the card-mod plugin to override CSS properties if more customization is required, but this is not my cup of tea.

Update should be released by the weekend or so (I would like to bundle it with some other changes).

BTW: No need for creating new topics for such questions, just ask for help in the topic I created for this project :slight_smile:


Thank you, @neliss, I think I saw the Scale in your Github but wasn’t sure when that’d be made available. This is helpful and looking forward to putting it to use.

CSS styling with card-mod was the approach I was trying but it’s not my skillset either. As much as I tried to apply a style to an action button, I couldn’t get anything to effect a change to the buttons. The hope for this thread was to capture some of those suggestions from you and others.

I was going to add this to your project thread but it’s so full of content, it makes searching and finding various solutions extremely difficult for others.


It’s now released :tada:


Hi, I just installed v1.8.7. Was the scaling feature removed? I can’t seem to find it or anything other than this thread discussing it.

Never mind. I’m an idiot. I just now figured out these features require the Alarmo card to be installed separately. I was of course using the original alarm card.

Has anyone come up with a good theme to use with the Alarmo keypad?
Tried few but none realy spin my wheels :slight_smile:
Looking for something that has a white card background with a blue background for the buttons and white or yellow font color.