Alarmo Unconfigured Sensors Blocking Arming

I’m not sure if this is just a configuration issue or an actual Alarmo issue. But I have a magnet door sensor on my garage door that is currently unconfigured in the Alarmo system, and thus not added to any of my security modes. Presently the issue I seem to be having is I’ll set the system for away, the leave timer will begin, and in this time I’ll leave my house and open the garage. That door will be open when the leave timer finishes and it will for whatever reason block the system from fully arming.

I don’t want to add the sensor to the present system because I don’t want the garage door to trigger the house alarm on reentry. I’ve experimented a bit with adding the sensor to alarmo but not to any modes to no success. It feels to me that Alarmo should not have any reason to track a sensor I’ve not configured for it. Am I just missing something?

That does seem strange if as you say the sensor is not or no longer configured in alarmo, just out of interest, is this a new issue or ongoing and have you updated to the new release as of the last few days?

I’ve been dealing with it the past couple of weeks, just on and off trying to find a solution, since I can still remotely activate away mode from my phone after all doors are closed. I have not checked in the last few days for any new release, although I think I checked ~a week ago. I do see there is currently an update though so I will try that and check back.

Wonder if it’s worth deleting, restarting and reinstalling it using the latest version.

If it’s still doing it I would open an issue on GitHub maybe.

As it stands right now, after pulling the v1.9.7 update I don’t see this unwanted behavior anymore, so I guess this was just a case of bad timing on update checking, unfortunately. For now it seems solved.

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