AlarmSystem with appdaemon

The sensors inside have some value, for example if somebody would jam the zigbee stuff my poe camera senors with image processing would still trigger. Also the battery of the door sensor might be empty before other sensors are empty.

I have a few other apps which take care of heat, light and power control:

Feel free to test them. I have migrated most of my stuff to appdaemon because I do not like the native automations…

I will get back to you concerning the video stuff in the future.

Here you can find a lot of repos from people using appdaemon

Plus my own one (which is also in the above link haha)

Thanks…already watched this. I what I’m missing is a real light control with luminance sensor and/or sun tracker … occupation and brightness. A whole bunch of configurable options

Unfortunately I’m binded to appdaemon 3 for the moment du to hassio but wanna setup a second instance with docker …is that possible? Normally yes right ?

I have all this integrated into my light control, however you can’t just copy/paste my code :slight_smile:
Why not write your own light control app?

Appdaemon 3 shouldn’t be a problem, I’m using it as well.

I am not a programmer at all… reading code or writing it will break my head :stuck_out_tongue: but I understand a bit and can apadt present code to my needs so far

Me neither :wink: There are some very good tutorials to get started writing your own apps in the AppDaemon section of the forum.

Also check out this custom component to control lights. It was originally in AppDaemon, but the developer then decided to make it an own component.

I am too stupid to set this up… I added the files to custom_components and mae a basic config entry in my configuration.yaml. but i get error custom_component entity_controller not found is there a write-up how to install this app? where or what do i have to install?

I think you should be able to add it via HACS

Otherwise I would suggest you post your issue in the thread of the and they will be able to help you set this up.

o yeah!! i Just added the repo to hacs and it is installed :slight_smile: thanks mate!

But I still miss a kind of COnditon like luminace sensor … I can’t figure out how i can make it with those app

My light app supports luminace sensors…

For real ? Didn’t see could you please update your config examples …this is what I need infact …

My app supports it as well…
I don’t use this custom component, so I can’t talk from experience.
I don’t know if it is possible to directly configure this in this custom component. As a workaround you could create an input_boolean for each room like input_boolean.bedroom_lux_high, which is ‘on’ if the lux is higher than your threshold and ‘off’ if the lux is lower than your threshold and then use these input booleans as override entities in the custom component.
However, this is not a very clean solution in my opinion.

I completely agree with you … your app is called lightsaver right …I saw u pushed it 14 hours ago but I can’t find any config example for it …would like taking your instead of the custom component …could you provide me a short example how to configure your light component for appdaemon? According to the core I guess it’s exactly what I need … I’m running appdaemon 3 and 4

For them moment I created binary sensors for the luminance values needed for the “condition” … the dev of the custom_component also recommended this … I’ll try this out but might want to try your app also. Just in case it fits better to my needs. The only thing is I’d need a config example :slight_smile:

I think you mean the app of @runningman84. I could check the app and provide you with a config for his app, but it’s easier if he provides you with an example, which I assume he already has one.

You can’t use my motion_lights app alone, you would need to add all the other apps because they are interconnected. I’m working on making my apps usable by other people, but unfortunately not on the top of my priority list.

You are totally right! … why i mixed up you two names? Burningman …burningstone … runningman… …well… I checked his repo but don’t find an example at all.

You are right there is no example on his Github. I thought more that he can provide you an example here in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi dude @runningman84 . Could you please provide an example how to configure your light automation?

Sorry I will post same sample config this evening.