Albohes Smart Sprinkler Controller (ESP 8285MOD ESP-M1 chip)


I purchased the Albohes Smart Sprinkler Controller ([]) 2 years ago and the IOS app is now discontinued in the App store.
I opened the unit and found out that is features an ESP 8285 MOD ESP-M1 chipset.
Anybody can help on how I could flash it with ESPhome and control it through HA?
Thanks for the help.

Step one is to upload a clear, high resolution photograph of the circuit board. From there we’d be able to make educated guesses about what might be connected to which pins, and what might be involved in flashing it. Depending on how it’s designed, it might be easy, difficult or impossible to assess from images.

  1. Flashing it with Esphome
  2. Mapping the solenoid outputs to switches
  3. Controlling the two line display (optional)
  4. Receiving input from the keypad (optional)

It’s also possible (though unnecessary and therefore unlikely) that the ESP isn’t the primary controller, in which case the whole thing would be beyond the scope of this forum.

If you can somehow contact the original developer, they might be nice enough to offer you some hints about the device.

Hello, as suggested, see attached pictures of the circuit board.
Thanks for the help.

This is ONLY A GUESS, but I’d wager the STM32F103 (Arm Cortex-M3) does the actual controlling, and the ESP8285 is used only to provide a WiFi connection. If that is the case, it may be difficult to get the ESP8285 controlling the relay signals.

Yep, unfortunately it looks like the ESP isn’t the primary controller.