Alert Integration issues

Hi all

i just started playing around with the “Alert” integration.

For testing I have setup the following in configuration.yaml:

    name: Haustüre ist noch offen
    entity_id: binary_sensor.hmip_swdm_2_hausture
    state: "on"   # Optional, 'on' is the default value
#    message: "Die Haustüre ist noch offen. Letzte Änderung: {{states.binary_sensor.hmip_swdm_2_hausture.last_changed | timestamp_local}}"
#    done_message: "Die Haustüre wurde geschlossen um: {{states.binary_sensor.hmip_swdm_2_hausture.last_changed | timestamp_local}}"
      - 1
      - 10
      - 60
    can_acknowledge: true  # Optional, default is true
    skip_first: true  # Optional, false is the default
      - Andre
      - mobile_app_minime
      tag: hausture
        - 'Acknowledge:/hausture_acknowledge'

I have two issues:
When I uncomment the “message” and “done_message” lines, I get no notification at all. I’m assuming I have the string syntax wrong but I’m fairly new to HA so any help is highly appreciated.

Secondly: I don’t understand how the “acknowledgement” in the comanion app works. When I click on the alert, it just opens the app. Do I understand correctly that I then ned to navigate to the state on my own?

If you’re on iOS, the acknowledgement only works when you open the notification. You can’t click it, you have to click-hold on iOS.

Tahnks @petro
My Problem is earlier: When I uncomment the message and done_message, no notifiation is reaching my device at all, not via Telegram nor via HA Companion App