Alert on android app

i’ve a custom made cat feeder reporting food level.
So i set up a threshold helper to minitor the minimum level and, based on this, i set up an alert ( Alert - Home Assistant )
This correctly sends an alert to my android app when needed (when the food is low and when it’s restored). But there are some points i can’t sort out:

  • the “can_acknowledge” option seems to have no effect at all.
  • the “title” option seems to have no effect at all

Is there any limit in using official alert with official android app?

This is my code:

    name: Cats' food is low!
    title: Cats feeder alert
    done_message: Cats' food is restored
    entity_id: binary_sensor.low_cats_food_level
    repeat: 1220
    can_acknowledge: false
      - mobile_app_cell

The “can_acknowledge” option means, you can confirm the message on the phone. Without confirmation, it will show up, as long as you don’t change the underlying situation. Now you know exactly what happens, right? :rofl: Sorry, it’s just one of these things that are hard to explain. :slight_smile:

Alert sends message
→ with “can_acknowledge” you swipe the notification on the phone to the side, and the next time it comes up, is after the time you set in repeat.
→ without “can_acknowledge” you can’t swipe the notification away, it only disappears after the condition is gone, in your case the binary_sensor reports food restored.

Hope that is clearer. :slight_smile:

And the title is only used, when the notification type does support it. If it doesn’t work in your case, we’d need to see how your notification is setup (mobile_app_cell).

Regarding the limits, that depends on what is used for the notification. If you’re outside your local network, Googles Firebase is used for the notification, and there is a limit of, iirc, 500 messages per day. If you’re inside your local network, Firebase isn’t used for notifications, so the limit doesn’t apply. :slight_smile:

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Ciao Patrick :slight_smile:

That’s exactly my point: this is what i was expecting, but i CAN swipe away the notification of low food even if i set up

can_acknowledge: false

Not something is changing my use case, but i’m curious about why it’s not working :slight_smile: