Alert with different data when resolved?

Does anyone know if there is a way to use different notifier data parameters in an Alert for the when the alert has been resolved?

For example, i’ve got a an alert that is triggered when it senses that the doors were supposed to be locked, but not all of them locked. This sends a notification with buttons to Try again or Ignore. But when the issue is resolved, I’d like a notification without any buttons, because it is purely informational at that point.

Here’s my configuration (note: i just added the templatized title…so not sure if that works yet)…

  name: Home Security State is Inconsistent
  entity_id: binary_sensor.home_secure_inconsistent
  title: >-
    {{ "Home has been secured" if states("binary_sensor.home_secure_inconsistent") == "off" else "Home was not secured" }}
  message: After your alarm being armed, your home was not secured.
  done_message: Your home security issue has been resolved.
  repeat: 3
  skip_first: true
  can_acknowledge: true
    - html5
    entity_id: alert.home_secure_inconsistent
      - action: secure_home
        title: Try again
      - action: ignore_alert
        title: Ignore