Alex TTS call service. Alexa media player. Notifications not working? HELP!

Hi all,

I have been trying the make the Alexa media player integration allow me to send a notification with TTS.

I am having such a hard time getting anything to work, traulled through forums but nothing helps, see attached.

So I click call service and get the error message as you can see on the screenshot, when I delete the type: tts part and retype it, no error message appears yet it still does not work.

Any input would be well received, my aim is to have Alexa announce when the doorbell is pressed, however I can’t even get a simple test message to work

I have the exact same error. Did you manage to make Alexa speak some TTS?

here’s whats been working for me!
found a random reddit post with a screenshot, tried these settings, and worked!
hopefully does for you as well…
(btw ‘spy bot 3000’ is the name of my alexa device)