Alexa access on multiple accounts

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I have Alexa setup and working: mainly thanks to

but my wife also have a profile on the devices linked to her account and I really need to be able to control the lights etc. from her profile as well as mine.

I have gone into my Amazon Developer Console and added her as a DEVELOPER. She has had the invite and applied the bits to set herself up with a developer account. Logged on as her I see my skill but it just doesn’t appear in the Alexa app so I can’t go through account linking to set it up.

Any ideas on what I need to do to get the skill to appear in her app?

Just in case anyone comes searching for this…
Amazon have confirmed that skills that need account linking won’t appear unless the skill is approved or you setup a beta test.

The beta test is limited to 90 days so you could do it this way but you would need to setup a new beta test every 90 days and presumably setup the skill in their app.

I think I can setup a second skill using the wife’s Alexa developer account and point this at the same Lambda function in my AWS account so off to try this.