Alexa addon

Hi all,

I have Alexa connected via the home assistant cloud and I can control my lights, switches etc
but I can not get Alexa connected as a media player.

I have installed the files as per Keaton Taylor’s GitHub page and inserted

    - email: !secret amazon_user
      password: !secret amazon_password

into my config.yaml but all I get is a config error

Configuration invalidCHECK CONFIG

Integration not found: alexa_media

Is there some thing I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

Lots of things missing.

What version of Home Assistant, type of install, & install platform?
What version of the Media Player files? How exactly did you install them? The instructions have varied over time.

I have it working with Hassio & version 0.92.2 with media player version 1.2.5.

I am using Hassio 0.92.2 on a PI.

I created a file call custom_components then in that file, a file called Alexa_media.
I then put files callled

and copied the raw data from the corresponding GitHub files.

I don’t know where to find the media player version, could you please advise.


Those files need to be in a folder names alexa_media. Notice the lowercase a.

I have the files named as follows

Does that look correct?

Grab the new version. There were some changes made for 0.92
I have manfest.json & services.yaml files too.

Do these two other files go in the alexa_media file with the others?


Yes but to be safe, download the latest version from here.

Ok thanks. I have copied the files from the link

It now looks like this


Does that look better

My file is only 1KB not 25 KB.

After successfully starting there will be a folder named __pycache__ created too.

dunno if it’s just formatting here but the file should have TWO underscores before and after the init part.

I don’t know why it is a different size, I have not changed it in any way.

it looks like this now

Which is good news, but I still get a config error.

What did you put in the config.yaml file?


    - email: !secret amazon_email
      password: !secret amazon_password

nothing more needed if you are U.S.

I’ll give it a try, but I am in the UK so could it require something different?


well all looked good no config errors, so I restarted HA and then got this notification


The link doesn’t work

Yer talking to a damn Yank. You will need advice from your side of the pond now.

Thanks for the help so far. It must be close to working surely.

You could try `’. Here is the “official” support thread.

I think you have cracked it.

I now have the captcha coming up but as I’m a fool I have entered the wrong email in the config file.

Corrected it now just waiting for a restart.

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