Alexa alarm

I’m trying to setup a script or Node Red flow so that when a sensor’s condition is met, an alarm will sound on an Alexa Echo and not stop sounding until I tell Alexa to stop or I press the action button on the Alexa, much like a morning alarm functions. I can currently get the Alexa to play a sound once, but just not continue until I take action to make it stop.

Any suggestions?

Old thread but came across this while looking for something else. Look into the Node-Red Alarm Panel found in this forum. There’s a part with sounding an alarm that should do what you are looking for. As for Alexa itself, you will need to add the ability to play MP3 or use built in sounds. As for stopping it by telling it to you are going to need to build out an alexa keyword using one of Node-Red’s alexa integrations. Personally I use this one: node-red-alexa-home