Alexa and Home Assistant HUmidity sensors not exposed

I’ve Alexa connected via haaska to HA.
I’ve also a XIAOMI AQARA TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY connected via usb sniffer. All working good. But to Alexa are exposed only temperatures and not humidity. Can someone tell me why?

I have the same issue with my Aquara.
I created also a Tasmota with DHT11 temperature/humidity and while I have all values displayed correctly in HA, Alexa does not see the device at all.
I can see only the Aquara Temperature enitities in Alexa settings and not the Tasmota temperature entity.
I have HA with HA Cloud handling them. I see the items all exposed (as icons) on the HA Alexa Cloud sections, but in reality they are not in Alexa.

Did this ever get solved ??
i still cant see them in alexa, using home assistant cloud

No, only Google is capable of reading the humidity. :wink:
But neither Alexa or Google are capable of reading the pressure.

look it has been added need to wait till its added to HASS