Alexa and MQTT Light effects

can some body confirm if i can change led strip (MQTT Light) effect with alexa ? i have the effects configured and working fine in home assistant however it seems there is no support in alexa

alexa is connected to cloud and i am able to contorol on/off brightness colors but not change effect


Bump! I also have the same question. Is there a workaround?

Alexa has on/off, colors, and brightness; but she cannot control effects.
Here’s the mqtt/light snippet from my configuration.yaml:

    - schema: json
      name: "Bar Lights"
      unique_id: "barlights1"
      state_topic: "home/bar"
      command_topic: "home/bar/set"
      color_mode: true
        - rgb # includes brightness and rgb
      effect: true
        - rainbow
        - solid
      optimistic: false
      brightness: true # order matters; I think this needs to be placed after supported_color_modes
      qos: 0