Alexa Announce Feature - Text to Speach via Alexa now a possability?

media players show up and also notify for alexa but no response at least from dev tools

FYI - I setup this one yesterday with no issue on the latest HA.

yea i think i have it figure out …syntax is no where the same as standard tts but i got announcemnet

I started looking for other methods to obtain the cookie and the proxy method here seems pretty straight forward. There is no reason Homeassistant couldn’t do the same type relay.

I had to export the cookie using

however I am able to get past the login in issue but now I get an error that says .
./ 534: ./ jq: not found

Hi, maybe some others can help. I played with this script when it first came out, but
long ago I switched over to the following:

Can’t you just install jq with the following command?

sudo apt-get install jq

This worked for me.


new to HA and want to get Alexa notifications like “there is a window open in the basement”.

I have HACS installed alexa media player. It installs and adds a lot of stuff. Even Alexa was saying what new connections she has. However, I am not able to start any service succesfully with my echo. For testing purpose I play a spotify playlist on the echo and want to see if the service media_player.media_pause has any effect when used. Nothing.

Logs are silent. No single line. I tied mute, set volume and other. Nothing.

The media player status is standby while he plays. The status attributes are

is_volume_muted: false
media_content_type: standby
media_position_updated_at: '2020-01-21T06:41:47.113963+00:00'
available: true
last_called: true
friendly_name: Ralf's Echo
supported_features: 56253

I am using latest HACS version 2.5.2. I downgraded also to 2.4.1without any change.

Any idea how I could start trouble shooting this?


Check your url region is correct. The default if you didn’t change it is US.

Did this work or did you still have to copy over the cookie? I have been having to do it almost everyday.

I can test this only Friday. Away from home … . Copying the cookie? What does this mean?

I know longer use that method… if you use Alexa media player custom component you shouldn’t have any issues, it works very well.

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I thought I did the same, tight?

This did the trick. Thanks.

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HACS -> alexa_media_player and a few restarts (first entry to HACS, looooooong update, then select to install alexa_media_player) allowed discovery to find my echoes, QCII with alexa, iOS app… everything!

Strange process, makes sense in hindsight, willing to help (PM me, but public responses help more people if you’re willing) if anyone else is still broken.

With HACS installed you can do some amazing TTS with Alexa. Check out my latest tutorial, you may find some interesting TTS Tips:

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@3ATIVE Waiting for your Node Red setup! :smiley:

@DrJeff Still got a few things to sort out, it’s mainly done… Hoping to have the Node-Red version up this weekend.

I have added your codes to my script.yaml file and changed the codes to fit my needs. I also added to emulated.hue.yaml. Alexa sees it as a light. Created a routine in the alexa app.

How do I set it up in the app for which ever Alexa dot I am talking to, it will reply back from that dot?

    alias: Living Room Temp
      - service: notify.alexa_media
            type: tts
          - media_player.ai_1
          message: "The temperature is {{states('sensor.livingroom_sbm_temperature')|replace('.', ' point ') }} degrees"

Update: Found the answer at this post.
Need to create a sensor for all your alexa devices.


  - platform: template
        - media_player.ai_1
        - media_player.ai_2
        - media_player.ai_3
        value_template: >
          {{ states.media_player | selectattr('attributes.last_called','eq',True) | map(attribute='entity_id') | first }}

Updated scripts.yaml

    alias: Living Room Temp
      - service: notify.alexa_media
            type: tts
          target: "{{ states.sensor.last_alexa.state }}"
          message: "The temperature is {{states('sensor.livingroom_sbm_temperature')|replace('.', ' point ') }} degrees"


   host_ip: !secret emulated_hue_ip
  listen_port: 80
    - automation
  expose_by_default: false
    - script
      name: Livingroom Temp
      hidden: false
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Have a look at this is may simplify how you get alexa to speak your entity values