Alexa, are any doors open?

Hi all,

I’m using HASS with Voice Assistants through Home Assistant Cloud / Nabu Casa - to make my life simpler and to support the project.
I would like to find a way to ask Alexa before I leave whether any of the doors and windows in the house are open.
I’ve created a binary sensor group to group all the doors and windows, but I found that exposing a binary sensor group to Alexa is not supported, at least with the default configuration, so I’m a bit unsure where to go next.
I realize this is a bit of an ambiguous question, but just in case some kind soul can shed some light:

  • Is there any way to expose a binary sensor group to Alexa, when using the Nabu Casa integration?
  • Is there a better / different way to achieve my goal of being able to query the state of a group of door sensors through Alexa?

Thanks a lot,

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