Alexa as Siren for Manual Home Alarm

Hi all. I’m using the Manual HA Integration for a security Alarm currently. It works very well for both Armed Home and Armed Away using a combination of contact and motion sensors. When the alarm is triggered, my current actions are:

  • Lights flash on light loop script
  • notify.notify to all devices
  • Alexa Announce feature with something like “Intruder Alert. Intruder Alert.”

What I’d really like to do here is replace the Alexa Announce action with a siren coming out of the echo. Something like the set condition red siren from Battlestar :slight_smile: Is this possible if I obtain a sound file of the siren? I couldn’t find it in the Alexa Media Player documentation (which is the HACS custom component I’m using). All I could find was info on playing music from a service or tts/announcements.



Look at play sounds options. There are a number of alerts

here is a list of sound effects

Thanks. I am able to get this to work, but I should have been more specific. The alarm siren sounds that are in Alexa are only a few seconds in length. Is there a way I could repeat/loop them? I guess that’s why I was thinking of playing my own media file for this. Make a 60 second siren clip, import into HA folder and play that media file through Alexa.

Resolved by using the Action Type: Repeat in my automation. It takes an Alexa Play Sound siren that is available, and repeats 5 times to make a ~20 second alarm. Not exactly what I was going for, but was the easiest to implement.

Now when Alarm is triggered, 3 actions occur. (Phone notifications, Alexa siren, Lights flash in a loop).

I’m newbie on Home Assistant.
Could you please share yours configurations / automations files ?

Many thanks


What sound did you choose? Nothing sounds like an alarm…

I actually went a different direction with this. Found/made an alarm sound I was happy with, in a local file (.mp3). Then added it to my Apple Music in it’s own playlist and called Alexa to play that.

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