Alexa can't find my Emulated Hue from Home Assistant

I already tried a lot of things to get my Emulated Hue to work (Using a Sonos One), but whatever I do, Emulated Hue is not found.

My Configurations.yaml:

  listen_port: 80 yields:

<root><specVersion><major>1</major><minor>0</minor></specVersion><URLBase></URLBase><device><deviceType>urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Basic:1</deviceType><friendlyName>HASS Bridge (</friendlyName><manufacturer>Royal Philips Electronics</manufacturer><manufacturerURL></manufacturerURL><modelDescription>Philips hue Personal Wireless Lighting</modelDescription><modelName>Philips hue bridge 2015</modelName><modelNumber>BSB002</modelNumber><modelURL></modelURL><serialNumber>1234</serialNumber><UDN>uuid:2f402f80-da50-11e1-9b23-001788255acc</UDN></device></root>

I second this. It looks as though the app updated or echo firmware maybe. I can’t access any emulated Hue devices through home assistant or tasmota emulated hue.

Is it possible to roll back firmware on Echo devices?

So my 2nd gen was offline.

But my 3rd gen didn’t pick up the pace on my devices. I tested it and rebooted the 2nd gen everything connected again.

Does the 3rd gen echo dot not work with HA yet? Or am I missing something else?

From what I’ve read on these forums, 3rd gen alexa’s will not work with emulated hue at all. You’ll need a second or first gen in order for it to work. As long as you have one of those, every echo will find emulated hue. So if you only have 3rd gen, emulated hue will not work.

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