Alexa cant find Zigbee devices connected to HA

hello, i hope someone can help me:

I got a new router (fritzbox 7590) which replaced my speedport router. On my old router my HA worked fine. Now I set up everything inc portforwarding (8123 and 443 for duckdns)
Everything works fine including my zigbee devices which are connected with my usb Zigbee stick.

But My Amazon Echo cant find my zigbee devices, which was possible with my old router.
What could i miss so far?

Thank you

When you say ‘find’ what do you mean?

If the zigbee device is already joined to the coordinator stick Alexa should not ‘find’ anything. It can use the device shared to it from Home Assistant? Do you mean Alexa can no longer connect to HA? How did you have them linked? (Alexa skill with Nabu Casa? Duck DNS? Etc?)

Thank you for your reply. Yes i think thats my problem, Alexa can no longer connect to my HA. I think i used a custom add-on amazon alexa player. But now you mentioned it. I think I got the old tutorial video which I will try

Alexa Media Player allows HA to ‘see’ your Alexa Devices

The Alexa Skill in conjunction with a method of exposing your setup to the Internet allows Alexa to control your stuff. If your having trouble with Amazon seeing HA it’s highly likely something with yojr new setup severed that link.

im not sure what im doing wrong, i created a new alexa skill with this tutorial:
but in the end my alexa cant find my HA Devices
is there a differnt way to let HA share devices to alexa?